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Full overview. Easy communication. Powerful features.

A pleasant user experience for all stakeholders

SpeedAdmin is packed with features that make life easier for everyone involved with your Music Service. Each and every feature is carefully created according to the particular administrative needs of music and culture schools. Members of our team even have practical experience with administration and teaching within music schools, and therefore we know the challenges just like you do.

Whether you are a manager, administrative employee, teacher, student or parent, there is full focus on an efficient and comfortable user experience. Here you can read about some of the features that make SpeedAdmin special and how it will make your everyday life easier. Keep in mind that we can customise the system so that you get the exact functionality that suits your school or service.

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With SpeedAdmin having limitless possibilities it's naturally difficult to compile a feature list. Here you can see the ten most important things that SpeedAdmin can do.

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Simple and easy to schedule tuition & events.


Web registration form

Integrated and easy to customise for your Music Service.


Invoice directly through Speedadmin and take payments through Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfers or Direct Debit, or you can export your invoice file for all standard council systems - and import the payment overview afterwards.

School contact dashboard

Make sure you strengthen the cooperation with your school and give them an easy to use Dashboard to empower your school contact, and ease your own workload.


Securing transparent communication between all stakeholders with Email, Text message, Chat, Forum, Notification and Follow ups.

Teacher hours

Make sure admin, tutors and schools get a full overview of tutor hours, so it's easy to do your payroll without any misunderstandings.

Teacher tools

Easy attendance, study plan for students, share material with students and/or groups and many other features makes it easy for tutors to motivate and inspire their students.

Resource handling

Keep track of all instruments, hire, scores, rooms and so much more...

Customise your database

Add or edit menus, rights-groups, fields and tabs on all resources (student, teacher, instrument etc.), booking types, attendance reasons and so much more!

APi - webservices

Keep your website updated through our API's - when you change something in SpeedAdmin, your website is updated as well.

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