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With more than 450 Services and 500,000 users!

In 7 countries

SpeedAdmin is the most used administrative software system for Music Services in Scandinavia.

UK expertise through strong partnerships

The 20-person team (9 in-house developers and 11 support/consults) has a wide understanding and background with music teaching, and with the extensive work with UK Music Services throughout the last 3 years, they are now ready to rethink and accelerate your Music Service!


We pride ourselves on being close to our customers with dedicated support and development departments. Always listening to feedback, we place the customer at the centre of our ever developing product.

We provide hosted demos, seminars and webinars throughout the year, so we are always in close contact with the people that matter most.


But don't just take our word for it - hear what our customers have to say about SpeedAdmin.




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