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SpeedAdmin’s use of cookies

In order to use SpeedAdmin you must accept that SpeedAdmin uses cookies. We use cookies to ensure the operation and security of SpeedAdmin as well as to improve the overall user experience. The cookies we collect cannot be traced back to any individual user, nor are they used for marketing or advertising purposes and we never sell information to advertisers or other third-party entities.

You can read more about how SpeedAdmin does handle your information that is registered in connect with your login on your school’s Intranet.

Data that’s automatically collected via cookies

When you visit a SpeedAdmin webpage, cookies are used to collect information about:

  • Which pages you visit
  • An error log when an error occurs
  • The IP address of the computer using the site
  • Which browser you’re using

The reason for collecting this data is to help us secure our system against cyber-attacks or other illegal behaviour and to provide statistics that help us create a better platform in terms of performance and experience. 

Collection and use of personal information

When you visit a page which requires a login, our system collects information about errors when logging in, in order to detect any illegitimate login attempts. At the same time, we collect the IP address of unsuccessful login attempts, this is to protect your account from malicious activity.

When you are logged in, the user’s login is registered

In SpeedAdmin, we register when an individual logs in and how many times the user has logged on. Primarily, this data is used to determine whether the user is active or not. This data is also used to show the development of the amount of logins over time.

  • We are logging your searches
  • We are logging following actions
    • Updating data
    • Creating data
    • Erasing data


If you do not accept these terms for data privacy, we encourage you to refrain from visiting pages that require a SpeedAdmin login.


Who can I contact?

It is the individual school / council that is the owner of the data, while SpeedAdmin acts as a data processor and exchanges data at the request of the data owner.

Therefore, SpeedAdmin support can only accept inquiries via the schools’ / councils’ administrators.

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