We take care of your data!

Every year an independent IT-Audit is done to make sure we live up to your security demands, so that you can trust us with your data.

ISAE 3000-Type II approved (SE)

ISAE 3000-Type II approved (UK)

100% GDPR compliant

  • Full log of all actions and availability - who did what and when.
  • Clean up log functionality
  • Anonymisation (Right to be forgotten) - remove all personal data, but keep data for statistics.

Rights groups

Customised rights groups - database and application built using configurable RBAC/Rights based system. Can be adapted to the schools demands.

Named user accounts and role based security which can be configured by system administrators to control which parts of system (down to individual data items and records) each user can see. E.g. tutors can only see details of pupils in their classes / ensembles and not others.


SAML 2.0 two-factor authentication supported.

All logins are logged including failed ones. Users who for some reason are denied access 8 times will be locked and can be unlocked by the local super-users.


Application accessed using secure HTTPS. Data in transit protected using SHA-256 with RSA-encryption. No special browser plug-ins required.


Data is stored in Denmark at Unit-IT A/S (ISAE 3402 type II).

Database and application stored in secure data centre with separate database for each customer.


A backup is done every hour. Full backups are done once a day and moved to other physical location.

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